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Permanent Recruitment Services

Employees are the assets of the organization. Therefore, it is imperative to hire the right candidate for the right job. Link HR offers permanent recruitment solutions where we identify the needs of the organizations and provide them with a hand-picked list of candidates. The process is initiated after analyzing the company’s recruitment needs, after which we carefully analyze and examine the candidates to find the best fit for your organization.With us, you don’t have to worry about recruitment processes like - headhunting, interview arrangements and assessments, aptitude tests, and more. Our permanent staffing solutions will surely lead your company to greater heights.


Uncertainties in businesses are always a ‘Thing.’ There are times when you don’t want to invest in full-time resources and want an on-demand workforce that can work flexibly as per your business needs. Link HR helps in providing reliable temporary staffing solutions that help you hire temporary staff hassle-free. Our cost-efficient and flexible temporary recruitment services will help you meet the right talent for the job requirements on time. So, even when your key contributors are busy with other important tasks, you can always rely on our temporary staffing services to cope with the work demand.


Handling the recruitment process is a daunting task, and often companies struggle to cater to the same. But, thanks to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, businesses can now outsource a part of their recruitment process or the whole recruitment process (searching, planning, screening, interviewing, and even onboarding) to an external service provider. Link HR is an RPO supplier that can cater to such unique business requirements. We help organizations not only with the hiring but also with the help them in administering the entire recruitment process as well as the outcomes.


Now open new branches, expand your business, and expand your company scale with Mass recruitment services. Organizations often search for candidates for mass hiring on college campuses. But, the reality is it involves a lot of hassle. Link HR offers extensive mass recruitment services wherein we help organizations to hire candidates in bulk and cater to their business needs. We create a strategy that involves the roles that are needed to be filled, candidates' strong expectations and points, the entire screening princess, interview, and even the salary packages. So, all you get is quality mass hirings at your convenience.

Learn How We Can Add Value To Your Business

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Your Initial Journey With Link HR

Fill Out The Form To Share Your Requirements

Begin your journey at Link HR by submitting a form wherein you will share all your company requirements. What HR services do you want to opt in? Carefully examine the form and share all the relevant information so we can process it further accordingly.

Call From Link HR Sales Executive

After examining your requirements, we analyze ways how our services can add value to your business. Our sales executive will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your requirements in detail and guide you more about our services and other important details to clear all your doubts.

Agreement Signed In-Person Or Digitally

Once you have understood all about our services and its terms. The next step involves signing the contract and clearing all the terms in writing. If you are a local-based organization then we can get the agreement signed in person. In case your organization is set up in some other location, then we can also proceed with digital sign-up.

You Hire The Desired Candidate

Here we go, Everything is set and agreed upon! We will now provide you with the list of top CVs as per your business requirement. You can scrutinize and hire the desired candidate as soon as you want. Our hassle-free onboarding process will take away your load and give you peace of mind.

Domains we Focus on

  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
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Hire Quick, Hire Right

Link HR is a leading recruitment consultant based in India. We know for a fact that the biggest strength of the company lies in its workforce. Our expert HR solutions such as - permanent staffing, temporary staffing, compliances, payroll services, and more help organizations to bring the best foot forward. No matter what your HR hassles are, we are here to take care of everything in the right way.

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How We Work

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Our experts identify your recruitment needs and understand your organization's goals.

Identify The Recruitment Needs


Once we have gathered the required information, our experts begin formulating an action plan on how we’ll be achieving the desired objectives.

Conceptualize And Planning


Our team holds great experience in the recruitment industry. With our strategic approach, we source the right candidate for the job.

Sourcing The Right Candidate


We leave no room for doubts! All our candidate's profiles go through intense screening and background checks.

Screening And Background Check


After we have verified all the details, we share all the eligible CVs with our clients, so they can make their choice.

Sharing The Screened Profile With The Client


Once the candidate is approved from your side, we take it to the next level by setting off a smooth onboarding process.



Putting Right People To The Right Job

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

We are an expert HR consultancy agency with sound knowledge and expertise in the HR world. We offer customized HR solutions that include on-demand hiring, payroll services, compliance, and more. We focus on creating solutions that help in enhancing efficiency and profitability.

Talented Applicant Pool

Talented Applicant Pool

We help you hire talent from a diverse pool of applicants. Our people are not limited to one location or area, we have an exceptional network that allows us to bring the best resources to fit your unique business needs. So, no matter what your needs are, we are here to handle all.

Experienced Recruiters

Experienced Recruiters

Link HR holds a massive experience in the staffing industry. We have helped several organizations in finding and recruiting the best talent around. Our promising terms and quality resources have helped organizations grow as a whole.

Learn How We Can Add Value To Your Business

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Know why our clients rely on our services.

Managing payrolls in a systemized way is surely a daunting task, but thanks to the constant support of Link HR who has helped me in a strategic way to handle payroll processes.

Shanky Gupta
Director- Softuvo Solutions.

I was looking for a company that can help me in handling the compliance part. There are so many laws that an organization needs to adhere to. Link HR helped me become compliant and stay ahead of the competitors.

Founder- Sheffy

Highly professional staff! Link HR paid key attention to the details and helped me hire the best talent around. Kudos for the hard work!

Sapna Koul
HR Generalist

Choosing Link HR was the best decision for my organization. From handling, recruitment needs to manage payroll processes, compliance, and more Link HR has handled everything in the right way. Really happy with my overall experience.

Deepak Kumar
CTO- Virtual Experts

You guys are just amazing! Super professional team with exceptional results! Right from the first conversation till now,I always had a great experience with you. Thanks for the constant support!

Itender Minhas

Link HR Recruitment

Link HR fosters a gender-neutral work culture; thereby bringing together candidates from diverse sexualities and genders. We believe in and guide organizations to create a workplace that is loved by all.

We help organizations become truly diverse in all senses and create equal opportunities for all. No matter what community, culture, sexuality, color, or race a candidate belongs to, there is a talent in all. Link HR helps organizations in helping organizations to find a good fit candidate and create equal opportunities by guiding at each step of the whole recruitment process.

Our mission is to help organizations attract diverse talent and help them establish sound HR functionings. We foster a culture that gives every individual a chance to bring their best talent and every organization the guidance to embrace all cultures and sexualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Link HR we offer recruitment services to both IT and Non-IT sectors. So, no matter whether you are from IT, Healthcare, Telecom, Logistics, Banking, and more, we can provide you with dedicated resources.

Of course! We never suggest a candidate profile until it has been thoroughly checked. Once we choose a candidate profile, our team conducts background checks to ensure the authenticity of the profile. So, all you get is a verified candidate always.

The process of recruitment involves searching for the candidate for a particular job post and filling that specific position. Talent Acquisition, on the other hand, is a strategy that focuses on creating a sustainable pool of talent by framing a talent pipeline and predicting the future hiring needs of the company.

There are several strategies involved in the talent acquisition process such as - building a positive company culture, enhancing the company brand name, simplifying the job applicants, creating a talent pool, and more.

To get the right estimate of the costs, we would be requiring your business requirements in detail. We can then provide you with the complete details of the costs involved.

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