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Empowering Businesses Through HR Outsourcing Services

Struggling to find talented resources for your organization? We can help! Handling the recruitment process is a daunting task, and often companies struggle to cater to the same. But, thanks to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, businesses can now outsource a part of their recruitment process or the whole recruitment process (searching, planning, screening, interviewing, and even onboarding) to an external service provider. Link HR is an RPO supplier that can cater to such unique business requirements. We help organizations not only with the hiring but also help them in administering the entire recruitment process as well as the outcomes.

If your organization is looking for more agility, speed, flexibility, and standardization in the recruitment functions, then investing in our RTO services is the best way to do so.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Learn How We Can Add Value To Your Business

Benefits Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services



HR departments always hustle to put the right move always. Link HR can reinforce recruiting resources for facility expansions, new market opportunities, skill sets, and more.



Scale your outsourcing up and down during low and high volume periods as per your business needs.

Right Talent

Right Talent, Right Time

Every business is different and we understand that really well. Our bonafide team helps you hire best-in-class resources at the right time.

Diverse Talent Pool

Access To Diverse Talent Pool

Build a diverse workforce for your business in no time with our experts. We have access to a vast talent pool of candidates that can bring value to your organization.



Our RPO experts take ownership of their duties and are accountable for ensuring desired results for the organizations. We will track and report to you with each step of the recruitment process.



You can easily scale up and down the recruitment services of the RPO providers to match the fluctuating needs of your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a staffing process where an organization hands over all or a portion of its recruitment to an outside agency.

There are usually six steps that are counted in the RTO process as follows:
  1. Sourcing and attracting the right talent
  2. Converting the applicants
  3. Selecting and screening the candidates for further process
  4. Conducting interview processes
  5. Verifying the employee's background
  6. Onboarding

In this process, a team of experts identifies the hiring needs of a company and provides them with a solution that is centered on them. The experts then take over the recruitment procedure and help in hiring qualified candidates and also take care of future requirements.

Yes. You can hire our services as per your business needs. Discuss with our team to know more details.

The cost of hiring RTO services might vary as per the organization’s needs. To get exact details of the cost, you can contact our team.

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