At Link HR we offer recruitment services to both IT and Non-IT sectors. So, no matter whether you are from IT, Healthcare, Telecom, Logistics, Banking, and more, we can provide you with dedicated resources.

Of course! We never suggest a candidate profile until it has been thoroughly checked. Once we choose a candidate profile, our team conducts background checks to ensure the authenticity of the profile. So, all you get is a verified candidate always.

The process of recruitment involves searching for the candidate for a particular job post and filling that specific position. Talent Acquisition, on the other hand, is a strategy that focuses on creating a sustainable pool of talent by framing a talent pipeline and predicting the future hiring needs of the company.

There are several strategies involved in the talent acquisition process such as - building a positive company culture, enhancing the company brand name, simplifying the job applicants, creating a talent pool, and more.

To get the right estimate of the costs, we would be requiring your business requirements in detail. We can then provide you with the complete details of the costs involved.

Payroll Management

Payroll services are custom-curated for organizations that are struggling to manage their payroll processes. The payroll services include - employee salaries, deductions, third-party payments, taxes, and more.

Well, the cost of payroll services varies depending on your business size, industry, and different requirements. To get a proper cost estimate, contact our team.

Link HR is compliant and experienced payroll services that allow organizations to focus on their core business while allowing you to save time and money. We handle all the payroll hassles with accurate data validation and reporting. So, you can enjoy peace of mind.

Data security is something we are never lenient on. All the data shared by you stay safe and sound with us, so you don’t have to worry about any data leakage or anything of that sort.

No worries! Simply book a free consultation with us and we will get back to you and answer your queries.

HR Services

Our HR outsourcing services take care of all the organization's HR hassles. From fast candidate hirings to onboarding, payroll, overseeing performances, boosting employees' morals, and more, we provide a complete range of HR services.

Well, this is what makes us stand apart from our competitors. Our proficient HR experts hold years of experience and knowledge of the industry. Our strategic HR planning is done keeping in mind all the aspects of Human resources. So, whether it's through emails, texts, video, or audio calls, we will maintain a seamless communication channel at all levels.

Unlike other organizations, we just don’t sell our services. We take pride in providing HR solutions that add value to your business. Our HR consultants analyze your organization's needs and create a plan of action that will work for your business growth and management.

We just don’t make quick hiring but valuable hiring. Our expert HR professionals are backed with wide experience, and we ensure that you always get the best addition to your organization. Our employee retention strategies further help organizations to make the most of their candidates. So, it's an overall win!

Well, the cost of outsourcing HR services will vary depending on the organization’s requirements. If you have certain requirements, talk to our experts by booking a free consultation and discussing all the details.

RPO-Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a staffing process where an organization hands over all or a portion of its recruitment to an outside agency.

There are usually six steps that are counted in the RTO process as follows:
  1. Sourcing and attracting the right talent
  2. Converting the applicants
  3. Selecting and screening the candidates for further process
  4. Conducting interview processes
  5. Verifying the employee's background
  6. Onboarding

In this process, a team of experts identifies the hiring needs of a company and provides them with a solution that is centered on them. The experts then take over the recruitment procedure and help in hiring qualified candidates and also take care of future requirements.

Yes. You can hire our services as per your business needs. Discuss with our team to know more details.

The cost of hiring RTO services might vary as per the organization’s needs. To get exact details of the cost, you can contact our team.

Permanent Staffing

This type of staffing includes offering organizations the best candidate for their long-term employment needs. In short, you get full access to qualified and fully screened candidates in any industry of your choice.

Well, we are in constant touch with talented job seekers. As soon as we get the requirements we start shortlisting the right candidate per the company’s needs. We not only match the right candidate but also perform background checks to ensure you get the best hire only.

The costs of choosing our Permanent staffing services might vary depending on the organization’s requirements. Contact our experts to get a detailed quote.

That’s hardly the case! All our candidates are fully screened and go through proper background checks. After all the screening processes, we ask clients to have one on one interaction with the candidates for better response. Still, if you face any trouble with the candidate, then our team will surely look into the matter and help you out.

Don’t worry! Simply drop us an email or call us directly to discuss your queries. We will be happy to help you!

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing as the name suggests is the resources that are hired for a specific period of time or project basis. They usually leave the organization after the work is completed.

There is no fixed price for making temporary hires, it varies from business to business. Contact us to get an exact estimate for the same.

Also known as emergency hires, temporary staffing employs the candidates on a temporary basis. Link HR helps in initial enlisting, testing, and interviewing the candidates and also deals with the candidate on a regular basis after getting hired.

There are several benefits of temporary staffing such as - a short hiring process, reduced long-term labor cost, immediate impact, skilled employees with niche expertise, fresh perspectives, and more.

Of course! No matter what sort of staffing needs you have, our team will help you with the best solutions always. Get in touch today!

Executive Search Services

The agency that helps you find candidates for senior-level positions, market-leading talent, or hard-to-find business positions.

A business or organization that needs highly skilled talent will reach out to an executive agency. The recruiters then after understanding the company’s needs in terms of persona and skills, find the potential candidates for the same and further add value to the organization.

Well, the major difference between both is that executive search firms focus on finding highly qualified and skilled senior resources for business while recruiters usually help in finding candidates for junior or mid-level positions.

We usually work on the CXO or C-level executive searches that go down to the Vice President. We also work on Senior Vice-President, Executive Vice-Presidents, General Managers, and more.

If you are seeking an exact amount for choosing executive search services, then you should contact our team. Discuss your business requirements and get a precise estimate of the same.

Master Vendor Services

Master Vendor Services is an on-site solution that supports the recruitment activities of a business while also providing additional benefits at no extra cost.

By choosing Master Vendor Services, you unlock several benefits like - a single point of contact to all vendors, improved time and cost, contingent worker staffing, increased accountability, reduction of liabilities, and a lot more.

Yes. If you have any queries related to services, you can directly contact our experts. We will guide you in detail and help you make the right business decision.

No. Our customized Master Vendor Services (Onsite Recruitment Consultant) packages keep the company’s budget and business needs in mind. No extra or hidden charges!

Simply book a consultation with our experts. You can share your business details and we will guide you with our services, costs, and other details.

Out Placement Services

Basically, it is an employer-sponsored benefit that helps the laid-off or terminated worker to move on to another job or career. The outplacement services include improving skills that are needed for re-employment such as - cover letters, writing resumes, interviewing, navigating job boards, and more.

The outplacement service providers help people in improving their personal brand, but they are not the recruiters. They don’t locate job openings, or staff positions directly or apply on someone’s behalf.

While many think that outplacement services are meant just for employees, the truth is that these services are also available for HR professionals and employers. The services include communicating layoffs to the workforce, downsizing strategies, and implementing support measures that’ll help in keeping the retained employees productive.

The fees of outplacement services vary depending on the types of services provided and the number of employees. Contact our experts to get an exact estimate for the same.

Yes. Let us know your unique requirements, and we would be happy to guide you with our services in detail.

Hire, Train & Deploy

Hire, Train, Deploy model is the one that includes the hiring of the candidate, training them for specific skills, and then deploying them to the right job.

There are several benefits of choosing the Hire, Train, and Deploy model that includes retention of candidates after training, effective placements, cost-efficient, quick resource identification, and more.

Well, our Hire, Train, Deploy model includes support not only throughout the recruitment process but also after the candidate’s deployment.

The cost usually varies from the number of employees to various business needs. To get exact cost estimates, contact our team today.

Yes. Book a free consultation to discuss your requirements and we will guide you with the services in detail.

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