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Link HR is one of the leading Executive Search companies that help companies in hiring the top talent for senior ranking roles. We conduct the executive search at different levels that include - C-level, Board of Director, and Vice-President level. With our extensive expertise, high-level professional networks, and industry knowledge, we identify the right people for your business. Our process of Executive Search is always followed by understanding the client’s strategic goals, leadership goals, and core competencies. We are always committed to the highest ethical standards with complete confidentiality and dedication to services, thus providing you with the best executive search experience always.

Executive Search Services

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Benefits Of Outsourcing Executive Search Services To Link HR

Deep knowledge

Deep Knowledge

We are in constant touch with the top business leaders and business communities. Our extensive partnerships and great knowledge of the local market, help us find individuals who are the right fit for your business needs.

Strict Confidentiality

Strict Confidentiality

Our experts value the highly sensitive information shared during the recruitment process and protect the upper management teams against their competitors and stakeholders.

Quick access

Quick Access To Top Talent

Executive search with Link HR is an easy breezy deal. With our extensive experience in the industry, you can find highly skilled leaders in no time.



Working with an executive search specialist will drastically reduce the time and money spent sourcing the right candidates. Our team will search, scrutinize, and shortlist the right fit candidate, so don’t have to spend extra for anything.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

We help you find the top resources that match your business needs and give your business a great head start. With our top finds, you can grow faster in the competitive business environment.

Prevents Damage To Brand Image

Prevents Damage To Brand Image

Working with reliable and experienced executive search partners will help position quickly and prevent damage to brand image.

Frequently Asked Questions

The agency that helps you find candidates for senior-level positions, market-leading talent, or hard-to-find business positions.

A business or organization that needs highly skilled talent will reach out to an executive agency. The recruiters then after understanding the company’s needs in terms of persona and skills, find the potential candidates for the same and further add value to the organization.

Well, the major difference between both is that executive search firms focus on finding highly qualified and skilled senior resources for business while recruiters usually help in finding candidates for junior or mid-level positions.

We usually work on the CXO or C-level executive searches that go down to the Vice President. We also work on Senior Vice-President, Executive Vice-Presidents, General Managers, and more.

If you are seeking an exact amount for choosing executive search services, then you should contact our team. Discuss your business requirements and get a precise estimate of the same.

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