Looking for reliable employee verification solutions? Link HR can help! We conduct background checks of employees that includes - ID verification, education check, address verification, and reference checks. Our thorough employee verification checks ensure that you can hire candidates with confidence.

Employee background verification involves a lot of hassle! From retrieving all the employee databases to verifying the same at several levels, there’s a lot to take care of. Link HR offers customized pre-employment verification services that are carried out at different levels to ensure that each detail received is true and valid.

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Why You Should Trust Professional HR Services?

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What Is The Need For Employee Verification?

Checking and Validating the employee's background is quintessential. No matter how big or small your company is, it is important to go through a thorough employee background check to ensure you are working with a reliable resource. There are a lot of benefits of hiring professional employee verification services. Let’s check out a few.

  • The professionals can do employee background screening services that can help in validating the data of candidates who are applying for jobs in your company.
  • It saves your precious time! Yes, the background screening companies are acquired with proven methods to verify the authenticity of the employee data. So, all you get is refined and sorted information handy.
  • When you get candidates who hold valid certifications, skills, and experience, you surely reduce many problems that might occur later such as - data theft, low productivity, and more.

Why Choose Link HR For Employee Background Verification

Link HR provides reliable employee background verification services. We strive to bring the best to your organization by providing you with employment screening services that are accurate and with complete details of the employees in several aspects. We have a proven track record of helping organizations with employee background verification, so all they hire are trusted resources always. If you are looking for trusted and reliable employee background verification, then Link HR is your go-to place.

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Key Checks for Employee Background Verification - Link HR

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Identity Check

We conduct quick identity verification through proper validation of Passport, Voter’s ID, National ID, and more. Our tried and tested methods ensure that all you get is a candidate that has a clean background. So, you don’t end up recruiting forged IDs.

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Address Verification

We confirm the residential address - previous, current, or permanent, through digital address verification or through a physical site. Through our address check services, we verify all the employee addresses to provide you with accurate and true information.

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Education Check

Proper validation of documentary evidence of employee’s education qualification is done by the team. Just like the identity check, it is important to check the authenticity of the academic record of the candidate. From checking the school certifications to college degrees, we'll check all for you.

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Professional Reference Check

To validate the competence and integrity of the candidate, we conduct reference checks through primary sources. To authenticate the work history of the candidate, we also contact the immediate supervisors and colleagues to get a thorough comprehension of the candidate.

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Employment Verification

Our team can help you in verifying the employment history of the employee so as to see the relevance of the data. Through this, we verify the legitimacy of the details provided by the employee and confirm the employee's credibility. So, there is no chance of any forgery left.

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Drug Abuse Test

We conduct drug and substance abuse tests as per the drug screening policy or business needs. To develop a healthy, secure, and productive work environment, we conduct drug tests to get clarified details of the candidate's health and habits.

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Database Check

To identify the employee's background, we conduct a thorough verification of employees' details from various databases. It includes a detailed check on the credit database, compliance database, criminal databases, and blacklisted database.

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CIBIL Score Verification

Our comprehensive CIBIL score verification services allow us to check and verify the authenticity of the financial information provided by the loan applicant. Here, we check all the information relating to the existing loan, bad credit scores, and defaults by the applicants.

Learn How We Can Add Value To Your Business

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Get Quick & Reliable Turnaround Time With Link HR

Verifying the employee data is a time-consuming process. Link HR is known for providing quick and reliable turnaround times. Oh yes, that's our forte!
We carry out a complete verification of employees' databases from Educational details to Identity, Address, Past Employment, Professional Reference Check, and more. You can count on us for a reliable and fast turnaround time for all types of verifications. Our well-trained team fetches all types of candidates' details through numerous records and databases. One thing that makes our services stand out from our competitors is that we offer detailed pre-employment verification services with complete transparency and details. So, no matter what sort of employment verification you are seeking, we can help you with us.

You can surely rely on us!!

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