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In the past few years, organizations in almost all sectors have been shedding full support for the LGBTQA+ communities. According to a recent survey, there are around 12 million Americans that are identified as LGBTQ community. While many of them have felt that the workplace extends support to them, many felt that they have felt humiliated at their workplace. LGBTQIA+ community often faces exclusion, stigma, violence, and discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

For decades we have been discriminating against the LGBTQA+ community, but don’t you think it is wrong? Well, they are a part of us only, and it's high time that workplaces agree to extend their support to them. Creating a work culture that welcomes ‘all’ regardless of any discrimination based on their gender, race, background, and sexual orientation is a must in today’s time. So, what should the workplace do to bring this change?

Today, we will be discussing different ways that can be incorporated into the workplace to bring equality to the workplace and make it a happy space.

Ensure Inclusive Benefits By Updating Work Policies

As an entrepreneur, the first step begins with updating your company’s policies. You need to revisit and update the policies and add more policies that are inclusive to LGBTQA+ employees. Celebrate the pride days too to make feel a sense of belongingness at the workplace. Keep their participation equal in company matters and give them the comfort they have been seeking for. Don’t make them feel different from other genders or communities, instead consider them in all. You can even assign one member from the LGBTQA+ community to represent them.

No-Discriminatory Policies

Make it mandatory in the organization that there will be zero tolerance for any sort of harassment, discrimination, bullying, and intimidation at the workplace or the person has to bear the consequences. We hear such instances on a regular basis when people are humiliated or discriminated against based on their color, race, gender, or sexual orientation at the workplace. Yes, workplace harassment is a big thing, and by implementing stringent rules, we can help overcome these scenarios. Coz, implementation of strict actions against such instances can limit the conduct of the same.

Create A Safe Space For LGBTQIA+ Colleagues

One of the biggest struggles of the LGBTQA+ community is that they couldn't find the right person to share their feeling with. One person who can extend their support and make them feel safe. We sometimes don’t know what we intentionally or unintentionally say or do to a person, and how their minds are going to take things. And, LGBTQA+ community is one of them who faces struggles letting things out. But, in a good workplace, you can make them get over this nightmare. Extend support to them by creating a safe space for them where they can talk their heart out. It will surely help them feel light and valued at an organization.

Wrapping Up!

The juggles of being a part of LGBTQA+ communities are a lot, but we can stand it all by redoing things at the workspace. LGBTQA+ inclusion in the workplace is a must and as an organization, you must take the necessary steps to do so. 

In case, you need any professional help in implementing LGBTQA+ inclusion in the workplace, then contact us. We will help you do it the right way.





Posted on : 05/07/2022

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