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If you don't create a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won't do great work.

- Ari Weinzweig

Keeping your employees happy is probably the biggest challenge for any organization, and failing to retain employees can result in great losses. 48% of HR professionals agree that employee retention is a daunting task. So, how to overcome this hurdle? Increase employee's salary? Oh yeah, many of you must be thinking that increasing the employee's salary will help to retain them, but, that’s not the case! The truth is that while salaries play a crucial role in retaining employees, it is definitely not a ‘Star Player.’ 

To retain your company’s employees, you need to think out of the box. To break it down in simple words, there are a few simple employee retention strategies that can work wonders for you!  So, before you plan on hiring on-demand HR solutions, let’s dive into the details to know more about the easy ways to increase employee retention rates.

Prioritize On Employee Well-Being

When an employee is happy, the work environment automatically gets productive, healthy, and happy. Various studies depict a bad workplace can contribute to poor mental health. Burnout symptoms like negative emotions, lack of energy, and feeling of isolation are usually tough to overcome. These symptoms can affect the employees physically and leave them with no voice but to leave the organization.  To overcome this, you can try giving the employees more flexible hours while ensuring that their responsibilities are clear. You can also ask for feedback from employees to know how exactly they are feeling and help them deal with the stress in the right way.

Build Employee Engagement

A disengaged employee means less productivity. Work can be boring at times, but keeping your employees engaged with recreational activities can help in boosting back that lost productivity. You can give employee engagement surveys where you can ask employees questions about their job role, their team, and even the manager. You can provide these employees with quick short surveys to know how exactly they feel and then find ways to provide them with better infrastructure. Believe us, survey feedback surely helps you know better about the employees and also helps in engaging better with the employees in the future.

Get Recognition And Rewards Right

The fact is that when an employee feels appreciated for the work and efforts they put in, they are expected to stay longer in a company. The reality of the corporate work culture is that employees find a hard time proving their capabilities. Organizations should realize the importance of recognizing employee efforts. Building a work culture where the employee feels a sense of belongingness is a must. A recent survey depicted that the organizations that boost employees' morale by recognizing their efforts increased employee retention rate by 34%. Oh yes, the figures are quite huge, but it's true!

Offer Winning Incentives

Who doesn’t like incentives? Hand down, is the best technique that is used by several organizations to acknowledge employees' work and retain them. More than 85% of employees feel motivated when an incentive is offered. But, you need to be careful! Make sure that the incentive you are offering is worth the shot. It is not necessary to give direct cash incentives, you can give the incentives in the form of referral programs, profit-sharing, and other sorts of reimbursements. Also, you can give these incentives to employees for working extra hours at work, as this will make them feel motivated and make them feel wanted to stay.

Recruit the Right Employees

One wrong selection of candidates can not only affect the work culture but also your overall business productivity. You should always choose candidates who are easy to get along with in your work culture. Remember, if you hire a quitter, don’t be surprised if they quit your organization. Do you know what is the biggest cause of employees leaving the organizations? Well, it is a poor onboarding experience. More than 35% of employees agreed that they weren’t well informed during the hiring process and that is the reason why they quit the job. So, it is important, to be honest with the employees and be transparent while describing the job roles. So, there are no nightmares for the employees!

Wrapping Up!

To make the journey of an employee and the organization a smooth-sailing one, there’s a lot to be done by both sides. Yes, it is a two-way process, but lending support to employees and understanding the deep-rooted cause of employees leaving the organization must be considered. Wondering how to do that? Well, hiring an on-demand HR solutions partner can help in overcoming this challenge and help you recruit the right fit candidate for your organization. Not just that, the professionals can also guide you in managing the employees and creating an effective work culture, where the employee feels at home.

If you want to know more tips to increase employee retention rate, then get in direct touch with our professionals who will help you overcome all the HR hurdles and enjoy a work life that is relaxed yet productive.



Posted on : 28/06/2022

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