About Link HR

Link HR is one of the leading On Demand HR Consultancies in India providing a unique range of HR Management solutions to startups, mid-size, and established enterprises. With hands-on experience in setting up the HR functions, we aim to transform the way you manage your business functions. Our commitment to bringing innovation to your organization will help your business grow as a whole.

Our business-centric services include - Talent Acquisition, Payroll, Compliance, Code of Conduct Policy & Training, Corporate Culture Program, Talent Retention Program, and other HR processes. Link HR strives to create mission-focused solutions that drive value to the organization and create a culture loved by all.

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Learn How We Can Add Value To Your Business

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Our Mission

Our Mission

We aim to help companies and professionals to become more profitable and productive with our solutions.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide a unique and strategic approach to businesses that gives value-driven solutions.

Our Values

Our Values

We practice what we preach! We believe in transparency and focus on doing the right thing always.

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Solutions powered by innovation.

We understand that every organization has its unique needs and that is why we curate solutions that can add value to your organization in the long run. With our unique approach, we strike a perfect balance between your business needs and employees growth, thereby fostering a productive work culture.


Leading and nurturing your business in the right direction.

Organizations grow when their employees grow. We provide solutions that nurture your employees skills and capabilities that will help in boosting your business productivity. Our integrated corporate programs focus on bringing the best version of the employees, thereby empowering your business growth as a whole.

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Good management leads to success.

Managing a business is a continuous process which is why our experts keep a persistent check on your business activities as well as your employees to ensure a seamless workflow. We take care of all your organization's needs while allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our Work

Link HR is set with a mission to sort HR processes in the organizations thereby increasing the work productivity.


We Identify

We follow a strategic approach to identifying the barriers that are affecting your organization’s growth. Through detailed assessment, we try to analyze the business functionings and help in creating solutions that can ease your business processes. As your On-Demand Human Resource Solution Partner, we will help you with the hirings, compliance status, diversity profiles, and a lot more.


We Ideate

To empower your business, we incorporate the best techniques that are customizable as per your business goals. We understand that every company has unique needs and with our solid experience we aim to make your business journey a smooth sail. Our custom-curated HR solutions will surely unleash the best version of your business and keep you way ahead of your competitors.


We Deliver

Our services focus on driving the best version of your business. While formulating the services, we focus on your business needs and goals. With intense programs we aim to deliver solutions that will ultimately add value to your business.


Why To Choose Us ?

Link HR is a group of seasoned professionals who are backed with extensive knowledge and experience for the benefits of the IT/Non IT corporates.

  • Full-scale HR capabilities
  • Business process expertise
  • Enhance people’s work productivity for achieving profitability and delivering excellence
  • Resource optimization to boost efficiency and reduce cost
  • A customized approach
  • Reliable, consistent, and well-researched solutions
  • Profound experience followed by best practices
  • Strong professional and ethical work philosophy

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